Appointment rate tracking app for company

Askin has developed on behalf of one of its clients an application for monitoring appointment rates.

Brief and request context

Our client works with many complementary business applications. One of them is a tablet application used by sales people on appointments. This application requires synchronization with the appointment management tool used on computer by the entire company.

We were therefore asked to create an application that would make it possible to visualize the evolution of the appointments transferred from the tablets to the appointment management tool.

A custom Python application

Our Python developers have made a fully custom application. This allows an automatic import of data which causes an update of the tables and graphs visible via the application.

Users log in and have direct access to information. Filters and a period selector are used to refine the results. As for the GRAPHS tab, it gives a more visual overview of the data. In addition, it is possible to export and print the different views.

Results and performance

The custom application for business meets exactly the specific needs of our client. It is now essential for sales managers who must regularly follow the appointments of sales representatives of the various concerned sites, groups, teams, areas, and cities.

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