Customised web application in Python language

Askin developed for one of its clients worldwide known, a >customised web application with the aim of offering challenges to all its sales forces.

Brief and request context

Our client has thousands of collaborators across Europe.

The request

A dynamic, rewarding and professional web application to carry all the challenges of animation of its sales forces. A very short time to develop to match the client’s agenda which forced us to reorganise our teams.
Fully independent, our client owns a customised web platform to create/manage its challenges freely. Users quickly see their challenge ranking.
As a web application development agency, we have designed a responsive application dedicated to more than 6,000 employees simultaneously.

It was a big project being today a nice reference for our web agency!

The context

Before the web application, our client used multiple spreadsheet to manage his challenges.

Even very powerful, an Excel spreadsheet has many disadvantages:

  • lack of security
  • cost of its license
  • non collaborative

Our answer

Our experts in Python development have transformed the different excel files of our client in an intuitive, easy, secured web application. Client is involved from the beginning to the end in the development process to ensure a fast delivery and an instant match of the functionalities developed with his needs.


A multi-functional web platform

Our Python developers designed the application around 2 axes of functionalities:

  • Interface for creation/management/communication of business challenges
  • Earnings management interface (inscription, communication, travel diary etc.)

With as support functions:

  • dynamic progress of challenges
  • alert and notifications system
  • administration and personalization of user’s accounts
  • setting up secure access


Application focused on user experience

The complexity of the development for this customised application is due to users account diversity and, therefore, the specific view of each of them. It’s almost 22 profiles types that had to be considered and integrated (directors, managers, sales people, services advisors etc…).
In this way, no less than 40 user stories were used to design the different users’ paths. This conceptualization upstream allows us to respond to all the specificities of the specifications to be met during the test phase. Only the ability to develop a customised application can create a complete and intuitive user experience.
Full autonomy in day-to-day use was one of the first requirements for the client that our web agency noted.

Key figures of the project

  • 22 profiles types
  • 40 users stories
  • 6000 connections at the same time

Results and performance

A customised web platform that continues to be enriched with new functionalities for more integration into the daily lives of users, resolutely modern, easy and flexible. Now, it is at the core of the sales’ force’s animation system: reliability, time savings and professionalization are the pillars of this customised application consulted by thousands of users.
Real hub, it gives the top management a unique overview of the business challenges to make the commercial animations even more relevant.