Graines Loras

Our web agency Askin has been contacted to develop a customised business application for Graines Loras which previously used with 3 Excel files with macro-commands.
Features requested by Graines Loras

The requirements

Graine Loras is a company specialized in producing and distributing agricultural seeds. Our client wanted to convert 3 excel files with macros into a web application. Today, this customised business application enables users to assist in the production of mixtures and dosing, and thus promote the quality of mixtures, in particular to make them eligible for devices.

Developing a customised business solution has permitted to integrate all the desired functionalities:

  • Calculation of indicators for livestock and seeds
  • Database management with many calculation formulas
  • Ergonomic work to facilitate the use of tools by customers of Graines Loras
  • Responsive reading design for all media
  • On-line help
  • Administration of data formulas by the client


Programming languages used

As a Python language agency in Lyon, we chose to use Python and Django to realize this business application to A from Z from the three heavy Excel files of the client.

The versions of this language and framework that were used to develop the web application are: Python 3.4 and Django 1.9.


The benefits of a customised business application

The benefits of a business application over an Excel file are many for the client.

The customised business application provides real solutions to the disadvantages encountered with the use of Microsoft Excel software.

Compiling formulas is possible with a business application and these are not modifiable contrary to the formulas of the spreadsheet.
On-line access to the application, on all media, is also a significant advantage for Graines Loras customers to have remote access to the web application.
It can also be hosted on a secure server to provide a high level of security unlike Excel files.

It is therefore for reasons of protection, accessibility, simplicity and speed that it’s preferable to use a customised business application.

We recommend all the more the conversion of Excel files into customised web platforms if, like Graine Loras, this tool is for you a real tool of pre-sales.