Harley Lyon

What was the web project request for the Lyon concession?

Harley-Davidson Grand Lyon asked us to develop a customized web platform. Indeed, their showcase website still offers a catalogue of second-hand motorcycles for sale in concessions. This site is not an e-commerce site but it requires dedicated features to generate qualified contacts quickly oriented to the right services of the Lyon concession. It required tailored customized development.


What features were expected during the development of www.harley-lyon.com?

The site had to be aesthetic and let the owners of a Harley motorcycle access to key functionalities:

  • Consult the catalogue of new / used motorcycles
  • Get advice
  • Find workshops / garages

In addition, this customized web platform had as main issue to generate traffic in concession and effectively guide users. The “call to action” are important in this logic of web to store.

These concessions web features also had to be synchronized with the ERP to avoid as much as possible that the services concerned have to re-enter information.


What technologies used?

We made the development of this web platform in Python language based on the Django Framework. The showcase site of the Harley-Davidson Grand Lyon dealership is therefore another of our projects developed in Python language. This language allows us great freedom of development. For projects with customized needs like this one, the Python language and the Django framework were perfectly adapted.


What are the advantages of having developed this site in Python?

We were able to seamlessly integrate the custom responsive web design we had created. We really managed all the custom requests that were made to us.

We succeed in setting up contact forms dedicated to each call to action from different requests. We also managed news and announcements.
Because Askin always goes further in customized web development for its customers, we have integrated Multipublish, our semi-automated ad publishing system into the dealership network and classified ad sites. The customized development made in Python / Django allowed us to obtain the result expected by the client that you can discover here.