As a Web agency located in Lyon, Askin found that an online ticket management tool could be very useful during the website verification stage. This is what led us to the need to create a business application for a web agency.


What features were expected when developing the SmartHelp app?

SmartHelp needed to captures to report a malfunction, a behavior change request, or an evolution request on a site or a web platform in progress.

The application should distinguish itself by its very simple management of the screenshots, directly on the site with sending to the platform in 3 clicks. The screenshots system should also be possible on any devices desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The bug tracking tool should not only trace the capture but also essential information such as the operating system and browser version of the user, as well as the code concerned by the page, to allow a correction facilitated by the provider.


What technologies have allowed SmartHelp to be developed?

Our screenshot and ticket management tool has been custom developed in Python and Javascript. Indeed, Python is a language that offers great possibilities for custom web development. As a Python expert in Lyon, we chose to develop our business application for web agencies with this language.


What are the benefits of developing a ticket management solution in Python?

SmartHelp permits easy management of returns within the project. The application also allows you to manage comments for each ticket and a return exchange timeline with all centralized items.
The user interface is very ergonomic and adapts to any support thanks to the custom development. The development in Python and custom Javascript allows to develop exactly what we need without superfluous.

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