Askin has been working with Sovitrat Group for many years. We accompany them in their digitisation.

Brief and context of the request

In 2016, Sovitrat Group wanted to redesign its web-based job search platform. Sovitrat, a French temporary work agency, wanted to bring more features to its web platform such as sending e-mail alerts on new job offers for example. The design also needed to be refreshed to current trends.

Finally, we also had to make sure that we did all we could to avoid jeopardizing the SEO of the website on the search engines.


Redesign of the web platform

Our teams proposed modern graphic models that were then integrated by our frontend developers.

Our backend developers, for their part, have taken care of various features such as e-mail alerts, the selection of certain favorite ads, connections with different applications and the retrieval of ads.

Finally, our SEO team ensured that there was no loss of content and that a URL redirection plan was put in place.


Results and performance

Thanks to the highlighting of the CV submission functionality, Sovitrat Group was able to find the best profiles to fill the missions of the various employment agencies throughout France. Sovitrat Group has also been able to highlight its offers for permanent contracts since the agency is not just a temporary agency but also offers various types of employment contracts.

The new Info + section, which supplements the news section, provides essential information to users and, like the new design, makes it possible to improve the user experience. Finally, it also makes it possible to regularly put online content thus promoting the positioning of the site in the search engines.