Workflow application – project stages management

On behalf of one of our clients, we have developed tailor-made web applications including a Workflow application.

Brief and context of the request

Our client provides sales representatives with tools designed to improve their business processes. He needed a customised Workflow application to manage the steps of a typical project, in this case selling their software.

Development of a customised business application

We have developed this web application in Python language with the Django Framework. It allows salespeople to update the listing of each prospect according to the progress of the sales project: from the business approach to the activation of the software. Each step or sub-step can be dated and commented. Color codes allow you to have at a glance a visual overview of the progress of each project. Graphics are also available.

Results and performance

This customised application has become essential for the sales force. It makes it possible to synchronize all the sales projects of the team. It is a considerable time saver for the salespeople who can obtain the follow-ups of all the projects whereas they have to alternate between the customers.

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