Turn an Excel file into a web application: why?

Transformation Excel en application sur-mesure

At a time when many softwares offer cloud solutions, we can wonder about developing a custom business application to replace our Excel files with macro.

Our web agency based in Lyon has had the opportunity to turn an Excel file into a web application many times in the last years and lately for our client Graine Loras. We wanted to share the advantages of this solution, but before talking about the benefits, let’s talk about the disadvantages of maintaining this type of file.

The disadvantages of Excel files with macros

Although this solution has its advantages since it has been used for a long time, we have seen the disadvantages encountered by our customers compared to an online business application.

  • The file must be loaded on each computer
  • Depending on the version of Excel installed on each desktop, there may be problems with the use and compatibility of the file
  • If macros are disabled when you open the file, you must have the skills to reactivate them
  • This type of Excel file is not compatible with tablets and mobiles
  • The file is not easy to secure
  • Ergonomic and graphical optimizations remain very limited and are often left behind on applications developed in Excel
  • The maintainability of Excel files is difficult because of successive manual revisions that can lead to a “loss” of exact formulas.

Nowadays there are too many features that an Excel spreadsheet is no longer able to offer compared to an online business application. That’s why there are so many benefits to transform spreadsheets with macros into applications.

The benefits of turning an Excel file into a web application

The web-based development of heavy Excel files will respond favorably to the constraints listed above.

The benefits of this transformation are mainly simplicity, accessibility, and security.

Indeed, a business web application can manage and secure access.

The application, displayed on a web browser, can be developed in responsive design for different devices and various operating systems. There is no longer a problem of compatibility and ergonomics.

Transforming an Excel file into a web application is therefore particularly useful if the tool is to be used by commercials on the move for example.

In conclusion, transforming a spreadsheet into a business application available online is an investment that can improve efficiency and thus save time. Every user has access to the application anywhere, from any device, at the same time and safely.